Dilsey Davis

Dilsey Davis is a multicultural filmmaker in Durham, NC. Her life’s mission is to use the arts, and particularly film, to advance society by building social bridges and fostering a greater understanding of the oneness of humanity. Prior to expanding into documentaries, she wrote and directed commercials, narrative films, and television programs. Most notably, she was the creator, producer and director of Nuestro Barrio, the first Spanish-language series to air on English-language television in the United States. Davis is the founder of Café con Leche Media and the co-founder of One Human Family Workshops, Inc., a non-profit organization that promotes racial and religious unity. One Human Family is featured in her latest documentary short, Now Let Us Sing which was produced as part of the Hindsight Project, a collaboration between ReelSouth, Firelight Media, and the Center for Asian American Media. It was broadcast on PBS and shown at many film festivals including Cucalorus and DOC NYC.  She produced and directed four documentary shorts for ITVS/Independent Lens's Stories for Social Justice on rural jails in North Carolina and Tennessee which included the films Zoo Crew and Sheriff Paula Dance: Bringing Change to Pittt County. The East Tennessee based short, Daughters of Addiction was broadcast on PBS in November 2020. She currently leads the Narrative Change Research Lab at RTI, International.


An interfaith, interracial choir in Durham, North Carolina is forced to take a new direction during the COVID-19 pandemic. Members of the choir, which is dedicated to racial unity, must grapple with the dual crises of the coronavirus pandemic and police killings of African Americans, all while trying to sing as one unit while living miles apart.


Now Let Us Sing (Hindsight)
Rissi Palmer: Still Here (In The Making)

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2021 (Hindsight)
2023 (In The Making)



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