Genito Gomes

Genito Gomes is Guarani and Kaiowá, leader of the village of Tekoha Guaiviry near the municipality of Aral Moreira (MS), bordering Paraguay. He is part of the Guahui Guyra Kuera collective that carries out audiovisual projects in their community. Collectively, he directed the films Ava Yvy Vera - The Land of the People of Lightning, Ava Marangatu, Poha Rey'i - The Family of Remedies, Guahui Guyra Kuera - Charm of the Birds and Ava Yvy Pyte Ygua - Natives of the Heart of the Earth. He is also the director of the experimental short film Yvy Pyte - Heart of the Earth with his niece Jhon Nara Gomes.

ABOUT Yvy Pãi Ne'e Aty Guasu  [Kaiowá land, the speech of the Great Assembly]

The Indigenous Guarani and Kaiowá people have lived on the land that today is called "the state of Mato Grosso do Sul" in Brazil since the beginning of recorded history, but due to the forces of modernization and colonization, they have experienced a long process of dispossession. This film will tell the story of the great Aty Guasu assembly, at which Indigenous communities came together to announce a newly formed resistance movement to reclaim their rights and their land.


Kaiowá Land, the Speech of the Great Assembly


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