Edward Buckles, Jr.

Edward Buckles, Jr. is a son of New Orleans. His non-linear path to filmmaking has birthed a brand of visual storytelling – an aesthetically beautiful marriage between fine art and guerilla-style documentation. Buckles’ work calls his audience towards remembrance and to see the beauty in imperfections. The award-winning filmmaker, director, and producer continues to find inspiration in his people and innovative ways to share the stories of Black communities that would otherwise be lost in the passing of time. His film Katrina Babies was shortlisted for a 2023 Academy Award®. His production company, House of the Young Ent., is a beacon in the New Orleans’ arts community and a platform for the culture of the city. His debut HBO Original documentary Katrina Babies, a co-production by TIME Studios, House of the Young Ent., and Creative Control T.V., released in 2022. He was featured on DOC NYC’s 40 under 40 in 2022 and was awarded the New Orleans Film Society’s Rising Star Award.


New Orleans, Louisiana lies within a global environmental crisis and is at risk of being completely submerged underwater by 2050, simultaneous with rapid gentrification drastically displacing its predominantly Black population. With the charged power of ceremonial gathering as resistance in the face of rising rent and sea levels, violence, and poverty, this documentary captures the beauty, roots, and sanctity of Black New Orleans culture as filmmaker Edward “Buck” Buckles Jr. embarks on a mission to preserve its traditions.




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