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Firelight Media is a premier destination for nonfiction cinema by and about communities of color.

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By joining us as a Firelighter with a one-time or monthly recurring gift, you will help Firelight Media continue to deliver programs that benefit an international roster of BIPOC filmmakers who interrupt and interrogate mainstream narratives through authentic nonfiction films that educate, raise cultural consciousness, and reveal visions of a just future.

We invite you to join us as a supporter at this pivotal time.

Help our Artist Programs to pave the way for BIPOC filmmakers to create bold, visionary documentaries that  change the story around urgent racial, economic, and environmental justice issues.

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Support us as we explore the challenges, strategies, and experiences of creating and distributing work during a time of crisis through Beyond Resilience, our dynamic online documentary screening and discussion series.

Help us to fund new original short documentaries featuring the ongoing challenges, as well as the resilience, of BIPOC artists, activists, and communities as they define culture in the 21st century.

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Thank you to the Firelighters, our loyal family of donors whose support helps Firelight Media
continue to deliver programs that benefit an international roster of BIPOC filmmakers.

View a list of our institutional supporters here.

Board of Directors
Claire Aguilar
Anne Canty
Marcia Smith
Tani Takagi


June Cross
Cleonis Golding
Amy Halpin
Christie Marchese
Merete Mueller
Justine Nagan

William Ross
Shaady Salehi
Jenny Slattery
Barbara Twist
Jordan Wilkie
Pamela Yates

Annual Fund

Yvette Alberdingk-Thijm
Marci Alboher
Anne Aleshire
Zeshawn Ali
Walter R. Allen
AMC Networks
Patricia Aufderheide
Nels Bangerter
Anna R. Barber
Dan Brawley
Micha Broadnax
Mia Bruno
Caitlin Burke
Henry Busch
Lonnie Calhoun 
Stephanie Capparell
Michael Carew
Maggie Carroll
Esther Cassidy
Beatriz Castillo
Daniel Chalfen
Robert Chang
Raquel Chapa
Yi Chen
Cindy Choung
Pamela Covington
Mitch De Castro
Johanna de los Santos
Sara Dosa
Penny Eardley

N'Jeri Eaton
Sara Zia Ebrahimi
Rodney Evans
Early Bird Films
Ena Fox
Michael Gibbons
Steve Goodman
Mark and Tia Graham
Louise Greaves
Donna Guillaume
Jessica Hargrave
Carolyn Hepburn
Anne Hernandez
Maria Herrera
Nikki Heyman
Harold Hickson
Mr. Lenel & Mrs. Morenike Hickson
Doan Hoang
Maori Holmes
Kylie Ishii
Tom Jennings
Cynthia Johnson
Shalini Kantayya
Jean Kawahara
John Kidenda
Martha King
Ciara Leinaala Lacy
(In Honor of Bill Greaves)
Rachel Lears & Robin Blotnick
Paul Le Blanc

Kristin Lesko
Amy Letourneau
Julia Liu
Laura Lovo
Carrie Lozano
David Magdael
Katie Mathews
Lisa McCarty
Marlene McCurtis
MDaya Meliani
Dana Merwin
Lucila Moctezuma
Adeline Monzier
Theresa Navarro
Brother Rick Nelson
Brian Newman
Cindy Ng
Tracy Nguyen-Chung
Adam Oelsner
Ashley Omoma
Sarah Perry
Picture Motion Campaigns
Thomas Powers
PJ Raval
Red Owl LLC
Sian-Pierre Regis
Gini Reticker
(In Memory of Kathy Reticker)
Theo Rigby
Camille Robinson

Michelle Rodino-Colocino
Betsy Rosenberg
Antonio Rossi
Bird Runningwater
Ray Santisteban
Christine Scalora
Molly Schwartz
Tracy Semler
Keith Shapiro
Rebecca Sherwood
Kristina Smith
The Morton and Gerda Smith DAF
(In Honor of Susan Margolin Smith)
April Smock
Donald W. Snowden
Pallavi Somusetty
Jonathan Sweet
Jon Sylvester
Mary Lou Teel
Pilar Timpane
Jamie Tully
Barbara Turk
Jacquelyn Turner
Michael Unthank
Bryce Volrath
Jeff Weber
Chris White
Cleo F. Wilson
Jenni Wolfson


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