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Firelight Media is a premier destination for nonfiction cinema by and about communities of color.

Firelight Media is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. By supporting Firelight Media with a one-time or recurring gift, you will help us continue to deliver programs that benefit an international roster of BIPOC filmmakers who interrupt and interrogate mainstream narratives through authentic nonfiction films that educate, raise cultural consciousness, and reveal visions of a just future.
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There are numerous ways to financially support Firelight Media’s mission of changing the story. The simplest way is to text FIRELIGHT to 44-321 to initiate a donation now.

For more ways to donate, including corporate giving and donor advised funds, see the menu below. Regardless of the method you choose, you can rest assured that your generous support will benefit Firelight Media’s growing community of BIPOC nonfiction filmmakers.

For more information about any of the methods listed below, please contact our Development team at

We’re excited to share that we earned a 2024 Gold Seal of Transparency with Candid! Now, you can support our work with trust and confidence by viewing our Nonprofit Profile.

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Donor Wall

Thank you to our community of supporters whose generosity helps Firelight Media
continue to deliver programs that benefit an international roster of BIPOC filmmakers.

View a list of our institutional supporters here.

Board of Directors
Claire Aguilar
Anne Canty
Maurine Knighton
Rashid Shabazz
Marcia Smith
Tani Takagi


Beth Aala
Yvette Alberdingk-Thijm
Walter Allen
Cesar Amescua
Kevin Arkadie
Patricia Aufderheide
Belisa Balaban
Anna R. Barber
Lynne Berentson
Edward Gordon Berroa
Linda Blackaby
Rachel Lears and Robin Blotnick
Mallie Boman
Michon Boston
Jamie Boyle
Maureen Brady
Danita Branam
Julianna Brannum
Vee Bravo
Dan Brawley
Carolyn Brown
Anne Bullock
David C. Magdael
Lonnie Calhoun III
Roy Campanella II
Michael Carew
Harry Carey
Maurita Coley
Stephanie Conners
Jeffrey Copeland
Lisa Cortes
Pamela Covington
June Cross
Geralyn Dreyfous
Lindsey Dryden
Joanne Edey-Rhodes

Rodney Evans
Joanne Feinberg
Ina Fichman
Sarah Garrahan
Patrick Gaspard
Constance Golding
Cleonis Golding
Miros Gonzalez
Steve Goodman
Diane Goss
Mark and Tia Graham
David Greaves
Louise Greaves
Michael Greenfield
Roberta Grossman
Donna Guillaume
Amy Halpin
Jessica Hargrave
Cara Mia Harris
Karen Hayes
Anne Hernandez
Chelsea Hernandez
Maria Herrera
Lenel & Morenike Hickson
William Higbie
Karen Hopkins
Jonathan Hsieh
Debra A. James
Tom Jennings
Janice Kambara
Martha King
Jonathan Kitt
Ravonnie Kitt
Rochelle Korman
Ciara Leinaala Lacy
Lisa Leeman
Amy Letourneau

Eliza Licht
Adam Lough
Sara Maamouri
Alexandra Mane
Christie Marchese
Tracye Matthews
Kevin Mosley
Sarah Mosses
Merete Mueller
Justine Nagan
Theresa Navarro
Brother Rick Nelson
Brian Newman
MaryKay Penn
Rick Perez
Sherelle Perryman
Dianne Pinderhughes
Laura Poitras
Marquita Pool-Eckert
Stephen Purvis
Sian-Pierre Regis
Jonathan Reiss
Kristin Lesko Reniers
Esther Robinson
William Ross
Antonio Rossi
Jesse Rudoy
Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra
Dan Sadowsky
Shaady Salehi
Rachelle Samson
Ray Santisteban
Chris Schmidt
Molly Schwartz
Nancy Schwartzman
Michelle Seely
Tracy & Eric Semler

Francine Shakir
Keith Shapiro
Justin Sherwood
Stephanie Silverman
Leslie Simmer
Rubin Singh
Jenny Slattery
April Smock
Donald Snowden
Laurie Sumiye
David Felix Sutcliffe
Jon Sylvester
Rachel Szczepanski
Kareem Tabsch
Rahdi Taylor
Mary Lou Teel
Heather Tenzer
Rita Thompson
Ariel Tilson
Tribal Good
Jamie Tully
Kiambe Tunsil
Barbara Turk
Barbara Twist
Laura Wagner
Melvin Ware
Robert Warrior
Raina Washington
Lenore Washington
Jeff Weber
Jody Westin
Sabina Wex
DeWayne Wickham
Jordan Wilkie
Naina Williams
Pamela Yates
Farihah Zaman


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