Graciela Pereira de Souza

Belonging to the Guarani Kaiowá nation, Graciela Pereira de Souza is a cultural producer, communicator, filmmaker, film curator, and audiovisual trainer. One of the pioneer indigenous women in audiovisual original productions in the Brazilian scene, she has a resumé that includes directing and scripting 8 short films, a series of video letters “Nhemongueta Cunha Mbaraete” (IMS/RJ); co-directing the feature My Blood is Red (Needs Must Film); serving as a trainer at the Indigenous Women and New Social Media Course and as a Facilitator Filmmaker at the Cinema Workshop (RJ 2019), and as an invited debater at the International Roundtable of Women in Media and Cinema at the 70th Berlinale/Berlin International Film Festival in 2020. She is also the co-author of the television special “Falas da Terra” by Globo network.

ABOUT Horizonte Colorido [Colorful Horizon]

Horizonte Colorido is a lyrical film that uses art to build universes and also enhances and amplifies original female voices.


Horizonte Colorido (Colorful Horizon)


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William Greaves Fund

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