Byron Hurt

Byron Hurt combines his award-winning documentary films with a dynamic speaking style that challenges audiences to question gender, race, and class in American culture.

Byron’s highly acclaimed documentary Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and broadcast nationally on PBS’ Emmy award-winning series Independent Lens. His film Soul Food Junkies won best documentary at several film festivals, and also premiered on Independent Lens. Byron’s upcoming documentary Hazing, is intended for a national PBS Broadcast on Independent Lens. His short films include If Five-0 Shoots and Barack & Curtis.

As a result of his decades-long work as a filmmaker and activist, Byron is widely recognized as a leading voice in the fields of independent filmmaking and gender violence prevention. He serves as an adjunct professor at Columbia University, and was a filmmaker-in-residence at American University.


Soul Food Junkies

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Documentary Lab
William Greaves Research & Development Fund

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2014-2015 (Documentary Lab)
2020 (William Greaves Fund)




Documentary Lab
William Greaves Research and Development Fund

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