David Hernández Palmar

David Hernández Palmar | Wayuu, IIPUANA Clan, Colombia, Venezuela | is a filmmaker, independent curator and film programmer with recognized experience in the Latin American region. He is also a photographer, journalist, researcher and producer of several audiovisual works that have portrayed the Wayuu world. He has co-directed films such as: Owners of The Water, Wounmainkat. With the short film The Foreign Body, World Premiere in competition at the Toronto International Film Festival TIFF and Winner of the First Prize at FICMAYAB (13th International Festival of Film and Communication of Indigenous Peoples). He is currently the producer of A son, a first feature film project in development by Venezuelan filmmaker Héctor Silva Núñez; producer of The Dusk of the Amazon a documentary feature in production by Alvaro Sarmiento and Diego Sarmiento | Quechua, Perú); producer of Suggunya 1698. The key to Darién, a documentary feature film project in development by Olowaili Green | Guna Dule, Colombia and David Sierra; co – director with Marbel Vanegas | Wayuu Jusayu, Colombia, of Searching for the marks of the Asho´ojushi, a documentary feature film project in development. Other positions David holds: Curator of Latin American and Caribbean Film specializing in Indigenous Film / Member of the Wayuu People Communications Network / Director of the Indigenous Audiovisual Foundation Wayaakua / Curator and Programmer of the Wayuu Film and Video Showcase / Curator and Programmer of the International Indigenous Film Showcase of Venezuela MICIV / Member of The Indigenous Media and Communication Caucus / Member of the Programmers of Color Collective POC / Coordinator of the Mentorship Program at INUTW.

ABOUT Searching for the marks of the Asho´ojushi / Buscando las marcas del Asho ́ojushi

A prophecy, told by Jose Epieyu, comes up in the midst of research for the documentary Buscando las marcas del asho´ojushi (Searching for the Marks of the Asho´ojushi), becoming the foundation for a journey that Marbel and David undertake to learn the beliefs and stories around traditional Wayuu tattoo.


Buscando las marcas del Asho ́ojushien rebeldía (Searching for the marks of the Asho´ojushi)


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