Andrés Caballero

Andres Caballero (co-director) Andrés Caballero is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker, journalist and public radio producer. His work has appeared on NPR’s Latino USA, StoryCorps, Morning Edition, Weekend Edition, PBS, Deutsche Welle and other media outlets. Andres is a former NPR/Above the Fray fellow, where he reported stories from Cameroon and the Central African Republic.

He co-directed GAUCHO DEL NORTE (2015), an observational documentary that follows the journey of a Patagonian immigrant sheepherder recruited to work in the American west. Andres is also a 2016 MacArthur Documentary Grant recipient for THE INTERPRETERS a feature length documentary about Iraqi and Afghan interpreters who worked with U.S. forces and who are now trying to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of war. He currently serves on the board of the Americas Media Initiative, an organization that supports independent filmmakers in Cuba.


The Interpreters

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Documentary Lab
FRONTLINE/Firelight Fellowship

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2016-2017 (Documentary Lab)
2021 (FRONTLINE/Firelight Investigative Journalism Fellowship)


Documentary Lab
FRONTLINE/Firelight Fellowship

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