Christina King

An enrolled member of the Seminole Tribe of Oklahoma, Christina D. King’s work spans broadcast news, commercials, documentary, film, and television with a focus on human rights issues, civic engagement through storytelling, and democratizing filmmaking opportunities for marginalized voices.

King most recently debuted the narrative feature film We The Animals at Sundance 2018 to critical success. The film was awarded the NEXT Innovator Award and is nominated for five Independent Spirit Awards. King’s directorial debut about the mothers and daughters of the American Indian Movement, Warrior Women (ITVS), debuted at HotDocs and and was awarded the SkinsFest award for Achievement in Documentary Filmmaking.


Warrior Women

Program Affiliations

Documentary Lab
Impact Campaign Fund

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2015-2016 (Documentary Lab)
2020 (Impact Campaign Fund)




Documentary Lab
Impact Campaign Fund

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