Eloise King

Eloise King is an award-winning filmmaker who adopts an interdisciplinary approach to telling nuanced stories that foreground marginalised perspectives within popular culture. Her work examines institutional and cultural turning-points to highlight society’s contradictions and the resulting tensions of ‘progress.’

As a former Global Executive Producer at VICE she led a multi-award-winning international documentary team, commissioning across North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Her previous titles, as a director and/or producer, include: THE GATHERINGS (Grierson nominated), KIDS BEHIND BARS (ITV, A&E), PINS & NEEDLES (Broadcast Award nominated) and GURLS TALK (LOVIE/ WEBBY). In addition her work has been exhibited at The Tate Britain, V&A, and MoAD.

Eloise is a 2020 Field of Vision fund and Logan Non-fiction Fellowship grantee. She is also an alumna of Sheffield Documentary Festivals ‘Future Producers’ and Edinburgh TV Festival' ‘Ones To Watch’.  The ‘Untitled Scholars project’ is her first feature.


A collaborative endeavor based on the research of sociologist and professor Patricia Kingori exploring knowledge production and the value of global education.


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