Firelight Media provides dynamic support at every step of the creative journey for filmmakers of color with our artist programs and grants.

Documentary Lab

Firelight Media’s flagship Documentary Lab seeks out and develops emerging filmmakers of color who make artful and innovative nonfiction films. The 18-month Documentary Lab provides filmmakers with customized mentorship from prominent leaders in the documentary world, as well as funding, professional development workshops, and networking opportunities.

Groundwork Regional Lab

The Groundwork Regional Lab supports diverse, emerging documentary filmmakers living and working in under-represented regions of the U.S and U.S.-controlled territories.

FRONTLINE/Firelight Fellowship

The FRONTLINE/Firelight Fellowship supports diverse, independent producers interested in investigative documentary filmmaking and audio storytelling. The Fellowship is offered in partnership with FRONTLINE, PBS’s award-winning investigative documentary series.

William Greaves Research and Development Fund

The William Greaves Research and Development Fund resources talented, mid-career nonfiction storytellers from racially and ethnically underrepresented communities in the United States, as well as filmmakers from Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and Colombia with a particular interest in those who identify as being of Indigenous and/or of African descent.

PBS/Firelight William Greaves Production Fund

The PBS/Firelight William Greaves Production Fund will resource documentary productions by mid-career filmmakers from diverse communities in the United States that are intended for distribution on PBS through finishing funds or co-production funding.

Impact Campaign Fund

The Impact Campaign Fund addresses a resource gap in the nonfiction space for impact and audience engagement-related projects by and for communities of color in the U.S. The Impact Campaign Fund supports the creation of audience engagement and impact campaigns by Firelight-supported filmmakers.

Hulu/Firelight Kindling Fund

The Hulu/Firelight Kindling Fund will resource three Firelight-supported filmmakers to develop an original non-fiction documentary feature film or limited series for a first look by Firelight Films and the Hulu streaming service.

Beyond Resilience

Beyond Resilience is a series of screenings, essays, and curated conversations that explore the challenges, strategies, and experiences of creating and distributing work during periods of social transformation.

Short Films

Firelight Media produces documentary short film series in partnership with a variety of public media organizations and production companies. Ongoing series include 'In the Making,' in partnership with PBS American Masters, and our new collection of regional shorts, 'HOMEGROWN: Future Visions,' presented in partnership with the Center for Asian American Media.


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