Xun Sero

Juan Antonio Méndez Rodríguez (Xun Sero) is a cinematographer, editor, and documentary filmmaker. He is originally from the Tzotzil people of Mitontic, Chiapas.In 2022 he premiered his debut film MOM. This documentary has toured various international film festivals where it has been well received by the public, the press and critics. VARIETY magazine considered it as "one of the 10 Mexican films that contribute to diversity and give voice to that diversity."He is currently developing his second feature documentary DE ASPECTO INDIGENA. Among his most recent works as a cinematographer are NEGRA, by director Medhin Tewolde Serrano. KUXLEJAL/VIDA, by director Elke Franke. The series PAINTING STARS, a series of 30 short documentaries for Television, produced and directed by Vientos Culturales. And MOM from her own address where she shared a photograph with José Alfredo Jiménez Pérez.


De Aspecto Indígena explores and exposes the racism that nests in one of the first Spanish cities founded in Central America: San Cristóbal de Las Casas in Chiapa, Mexico. The story is that of 4 Tzotzils who are united by family ties, political ties, and the consequences of having an "indigenous appearance." As if it were another story from the famous book Ciudad Real by Chiapas writer Rosario Castellanos, De Aspecto Indígena tells the story of a group of Tzotzils who were imprisoned for crimes they did not commit.


De Aspecto Indígena


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