Tania Hernández Velasco

Tania Hernández Velasco is a deindigenized filmmaker whose work explores intersections between identity, body, legacy, and territory through sensory and playful approaches that take off from her intimate sphere.

In 2019, she was selected as a Professional Development Fellow at the Flaherty Seminar. That year, she was selected as one of the “100 Most Creative Mexicans” according to Forbes magazine.

Her film “Titixe” (2018) - which she directed, produced, photographed and edited - is an exploration of her family's bond with the countryside. The film –funded in kind by a family and community effort– has been screened at more than 40 international festivals and received multiple awards and mentions, including the TV UNAM Award and the Churubusco Stimulus Award at FICUNAM; the Charles C. Guggenheim Emerging Artist Award at the Full Frame Documentary Festival; the distinction of the Young Jury of the Black Canvas Festival; the award for Best Film at the Festival Contra el Silencio Todos Las Voces; among others. In 2019, "Titixe" was included in the count of the “100 Best Movies of Mexican Cinema,” organized by SectorCine in a wide survey of contemporary Mexican critics.

Previously, she co-directed, together with 31 students and Russian director Victor Kossakovsky, the film “Demonstration” (2013) that premiered at IDFA, MOMA’s Documentary Fortnight, HotDocs, DocsBarcelona, ​​among others. She also made four short films as a director: “I haven't dreamed of flying for a long time,” filmed in Southeast Turkey and premiered at ZagrebDox in 2014; “Playing 25,” filmed in Pozega, Serbia through the support of the Interaction Documentary Camp in 2013; “Flights of a Feather,” produced by the Borderline program (Fest Associaçao Cultural, Portugal) and premiered at the San Sebastián International Film Festival in 2013; and "Miguelito" (2009), in memory of a brother who died a few days after birth.

She has a Master’s in Creative Documentary (2013) and Postgraduate Editing (2014), both from the Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona, ​​Spain). Previously, she completed a Bachelor of Film at Universidad Centro (Mexico City, Mexico, 2011).

ABOUT Mi cuerpo es una estrella que se expande (My Body is an Expanding Star)

Two siblings make an imaginary pilgrimage through the memory and geography of their Brown bodies in order to discover their beauty and dignity. As they journey through the seas of their stretch marks, the fields of their hair, and the constellations of their moles, their ancestors emerge to accompany them.


Mi cuerpo es una estrella que se expande [My Body is an Expanding Star]


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