Robie Flores

Robie Flores is a filmmaker and video editor drawn to telling stories that explore the nuances of her fronterizo and Mexican-American communities. Her latest project, El In Between, is a feature film about growing up on the U.S./Mexico border. It has received support from Ford Foundation, Field of Vision, and ITVS, among others.


Following the death of her brother, a filmmaker returns to the bordertown where she grew up in an attempt to document —using his camera — the spaces and places that shaped them. But the youth of today, in all their messy and joyous complexity, challenge her personal reverie, sparking a lyrical meditation on how fronterizo identity takes shape, and what it looks and feels like to grow up on the Texas-Mexico border.


The In Between

Program Affiliation

Documentary Lab
Impact Campaign Fund

Cohort Year

2020-2022 (Documentary Lab)
2023 (Impact Campaign Fund)





Documentary Lab
Impact Campaign Fund

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