Rajal Pitroda

Rajal Pitroda is a producer working between the worlds of fiction and non-fiction film. She is currently in post-production on a documentary exploring race and the criminal justice system, and is in development on a series based on a New York Times bestselling book about young women and the cultural landscape around sex and identity. Prior to producing, Rajal started a company focused on designing and executing marketing and distribution strategies for documentary and narrative films.

Rajal is most passionate about content and campaigns focused on racial justice and gender equity. She has been involved in voter engagement efforts in her community and as a crisis counselor for victims of sexual violence. Rajal is a member of the board of Investigative Studios, a non-profit documentary production company, and is a resident at SFFILM FilmHouse. She is a graduate of London Business School and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

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