Mike Brown

Mike LaMar Brown is a filmmaker who has worked in many avenues of the film industry, but mainly as a videographer or director. While taking Spike Lee's master class, he joined his staff as an intern on HBO's WHEN THE LEVEES BROKE.  He has also made several short films including A RIOT IN THE DARK, winner of the Harlem International Film Fest, and #THEFEELINGYOUGET starring Julito M. (from the WIRE, Brotherly Love).

After gaining experience as a cameraman for P. Diddy for several years, Mike went on to finish his first feature documentary project.

Mike directed and co-produced 25 TO LIFE with support from Simon Says Entertainment, Firelight Media, Sundance, Ford, IFP, and other  prestigious organizations.  Mike Brown's film team for that project won Best Documentary Film at the 2014 American Black Film Festival-one of his proudest acheivements.

Mike Brown's goal now is to synthesize his documentary and narrative filmmaking skills, and continue to make work that pushes humanity forward.


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