Juliana Schatz Preston

Juliana Schatz Preston is a Colombian-American filmmaker. Her directorial debut Los Comandos was shortlisted for the 2019 Academy Awards. Her film, Waiting for Tearah, premiered at the Double Exposure Film Festival and was supported by ITVS, FRONTLINE, Firelight Media, Type Investigations and The Fund for Investigative Journalism.

ABOUT Providencia

After her brother is killed, a Colombian woman watches family members magically lose their memory, one by one. In a country that has often chosen to forget its violent past, Paola wonders what her fate will be.


Providencia (Documentary Lab)

Waiting for Tearah (FRONTLINE/Firelight Fellowship)

Program Affiliation

Documentary Lab

FRONTLINE/Firelight Fellowship

Cohort Year

2022-2024 (Documentary Lab)

2019 (FRONTLINE/Firelight Fellowship)





FRONTLINE/Firelight Fellowship
Documentary Lab

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