Jacqueline Olive

Jacqueline Olive is an award-winning filmmaker with artist grants from Chicken & Egg Pictures, Catapult Film Fund, Independent Television Service, and more.  Olive co-directed and produced the award-winning documentary, Black to Our Roots, which broadcast on PBS WORLD.  After receiving a master’s degree from the University of Florida Documentary Institute in 2007, Olive interned with MacArthur “Genius” Fellow director, Stanley Nelson.  She then worked on the production team of the Emmy Award-winning PBS series, Independent Lens, and the premiere season of the PBS WORLD series, Global Voices.

Olive founded Tell It Media to create documentaries that tell nuanced stories of the people, places and cultures that make up our diverse world.  She gained experience in multimedia production as a fellow with the National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC) and the Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC).

Taking an integrated cross-platform approach, Olive is directing, producing and writing the documentary feature film Always in Season, which examines the lingering impact of a century of lynching African Americans and follows relatives of the perpetrators and victims as they seek justice and reconciliation.  With a team of innovative digital media designers, Olive created a prototype of the accompanying 3D virtual reality project, Always in Season Island.

Olive lives in Wilmington, NC, where she served as artist-in-residence for the Cucalorus Film Festival this summer. You can learn more about Jacqueline Olive and her latest project at alwaysinseason.net.


Always in Season
Crooked Lines
Death Is Our Business

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Documentary Lab
FRONTLINE/Firelight Fellowship

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2016-2017 (Documentary Lab)
2017 (OUR 100 DAYS)
2020-2021 (FRONTLINE/Firelight Investigative Journalism Fellowship)



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Documentary Lab
Our 100 Days
FRONTLINE/Firelight Fellowship

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