Homegrown: Future Visions

Black Strings

Directed by Marquise Mays.

🏆 Winner, 2023 Best Documentary Short, Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival

🏆 Winner, 2023 Best Black Cinema Short Audience Award, Cleveland International Film Festival

🏆 Webby Honoree, 2024 Webby Awards, Video: Music

Follow The Black String Triage Ensemble, a group of Black and Latinx musicians in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as it performs at crime scenes in the immediate aftermath of tragic events. Together, the group seeks to alter the notion of first responders.

Other Episodes
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Seed Warriors
Directed by 
Rebekka Schlichting

Pawnee seed keepers work with Nebraska farmers to revive their sacred and ancient corn.

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Detroit We Dey
Directed by 
Ozi Uduma

A Nigerian community in Detroit explores the past and future of their vibrant social club.

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Directed by 
Amber Love

A third-generation community leader in Lansing, Michigan continues the fight for racial equity.

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Here, Hopefully
Directed by 
Hao Zhou

A Chinese, nonbinary aspiring nurse seeks to build a gender-affirming life in Iowa.

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Guaranteed in Gary
Directed by 
Darryl Parham

A guaranteed income experiment in Gary, Indiana helps to stabilize the lives of residents.

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Silsilad (Sequence)
Directed by 
Tariq Tarey

Follow the co-founders of the Soomal House of Art in Minneapolis, the nation’s first Somali-American art center, as they run the community-based gallery.

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Language Keepers
Directed by 
Ajuawak Kapashesit

Watch as three Ojibwe residents of Minnesota work to revitalize their language through the use of technology.

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