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Directed by Débora Souza Silva.

FRONTLINE, WFAE & Firelight Media investigate the long waits for mental health care that defendants who are deemed too sick to stand trial face in North Carolina.

From FRONTLINE (PBS)’s Local Journalism Initiative, the Charlotte, North Carolina, NPR station WFAE and Firelight Media, “Fractured” examines how the country’s mental health crisis is playing out within the criminal justice system in North Carolina, a state where it’s been harder to access mental health care than in most others.

"We've found that these defendants may wait months in jail, sometimes more than a year, for the treatment they need to be deemed well enough to go to court," says “Fractured” correspondent, writer and producer Dana Miller Ervin. “In some cases, these defendants can get sicker while they wait for admission to a state hospital.”

Ervin has been investigating access to mental health care in North Carolina for WFAE for the past two years with the support of FRONTLINE’s Local Journalism Initiative. The initiative is an innovative effort to support and strengthen investigative reporting in communities around the country. It launched in 2019 with funding from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Building on an in-depth radio and digital series, which was released in 2023 by WFAE and FRONTLINE and was recently named a semi-finalist for the Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting, “Fractured” is directed by Débora Souza Silva, a 2023 recipient of the FRONTLINE/Firelight Media Investigative Journalism Fellowship. The fellowship was created to support independent filmmakers of color interested in journalistic documentary filmmaking about underreported issues in the United States.

“Fractured” is a FRONTLINE production with Dandara Productions LLC in association with Firelight Media and WFAE. The director is Débora Souza Silva. The writers are Débora Souza Silva & Dana Miller Ervin. The producers are Loi Ameera Almeron, Débora Souza Silva and Dana Miller Ervin. The correspondent is Dana Miller Ervin. The co-producer and editor is Nelson Ryland. The senior producers are Nina Chaudry, Carla Borrás and Monika Navarro. The senior editors are Erin Texeira and Amy Rubin. The executive producers of Firelight Media are Stanley Nelson and Marcia Smith. The editor-in-chief and executive producer of FRONTLINE is Raney Aronson-Rath.

Other Episodes
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Two Strikes
Directed by 
Ursula Liang

Two Strikes, a film produced with The Marshall Project as part of FRONTLINE’s fellowship with Firelight Media, examines the impact of a little-known “two strikes” law. The documentary tells the story of how a former West Point cadet struggling with PTSD and addiction got life in prison in Florida after an attempted carjacking — a sentence that even the woman whose car he’d tried to take viewed as too harsh.

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Death Is Our Business
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Jacqueline Olive

A co-production between FRONTLINE, Firelight Media and WORLD Channel, Death Is Our Business examines in intimate and moving detail how Black funeral homes in New Orleans have had to adapt to the devastating impact of COVID-19 in their community.

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Waiting for Tearah
Directed by 
Juliana Schatz Preston

At 16, Tearah, who suffers from mental illness, remains stuck in a hospital month after month, as her mother struggles to navigate America’s mental health care system. As Shayna, a single parent of three girls, fights to get Tearah residential treatment, she faces the possibility of losing her home and even custody of her daughter.

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Muzamil’s Day
Directed by 
Roopa Gogineni

In this special podcast episode for kids, FRONTLINE follows a day in the life of Muzamil, a 12-year-old Somali boy growing up in Kenya’s Dadaab Refugee Camp. Producer Bianca Giaever and Reporter Roopa Gogineni bring him questions from American kids about what it’s like growing up in a refugee camp. Are there dentists? A fire department? What is your dreamland? Muzamil takes us through his daily life, answering questions from American kids along the way.

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