Our 100 Days

American Carnage

Directed by Farihah Zaman & Jeff Reichert.

See how alt-right icon Steve Bannon’s years as a documentary filmmaker catapulted him to Breitbart News and the Trump White House.

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An Act Of Worship
Directed by 
Nausheen Dadabhoy and Sofian Khan

A unique portrait of CAIR – the Council on American-Islamic Relations – in the first days of the Trump administration as the civil rights organization responds to the new president’s agenda for Muslim-Americans.

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Picket Line
Directed by 
Cecilia Aldarondo

One week before the election of Donald J. Trump as president of the United States, 700 workers – many of whom were Trump supporters – walked out of the Momentive chemical plant in Waterford, NY, sparking a 105-day strike. In the wake of Trump’s election, the workers get candid about his advocacy for union-busting legislation.

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An Uncertain Future
Directed by 
Chelsea Hernandez & Iliana Sosa

In Austin, Texas, two expectant mothers – one Undocumented and one a U.S. citizen – must contend with increased ICE raids and mounting hostility toward immigrants under President Trump.

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State of Oregon
Directed by 
Adele Free Pham

Nearly a year after the death of Larnell Bruce, a Black teen from Gresham, Oregon, STATE OF OREGON sheds light on the fatal encounter that ended his life – while unpacking the state’s fraught racial history.

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Here I'll Stay
Directed by 
Lorena Manríquez & Marlene McCurtis

In Jackson, Mississippi, a coalition of Latino, Black, and white activists known as MIRA – Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance – confronts local lawmakers who introduced 12 anti-immigrant bills into the state legislature in 2017. Among those protesting in the state's capital: 13-year-old Yizel, whose parents are undocumented immigrants from Mexico.

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Gavin Grimm Vs.
Directed by 
Nadia Hallgren

In 2016, transgender teen Gavin Grimm sued his local school board after its members refused to let him use the bathroom of his choice. He was ready to take his case all the way to the Supreme Court – and then the election happened.

🏆 2018 Webby Award Winner, Video: Public Service & Activism

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Crooked Lines
Directed by 
Monica Berra, Jacqueline Olive, and Yoruba Richen

Meet two women fighting against race-based gerrymandering in North Carolina: Val Applewhite, a plaintiff in a landmark Supreme Court case, and Moon Duchin, a mathematician who empowers organizers to use data to advocate for fairly drawn electoral maps.

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