September 22, 2021

FRONTLINE, Firelight Media And WORLD Channel Present “Death is Our Business” Examining COVID-19’s Impact in New Orleans

February 23, 2021 – Boston, MA – FRONTLINE, Firelight Media and WORLD Channel today announced a co-production, the short film Death Is Our Business, that examines in intimate and moving detail how Black funeral homes in New Orleans have had to adapt to the devastating impact of COVID-19 in their community.

Debuting on FRONTLINE on Tuesday, March 23, the short documentary comes from award-winning filmmaker Jacqueline Olive (Always in Season). The film will also air on WORLD Channel on Wednesday, March 24.

In Death Is Our Business, Olive shines a light on how the virus has rocked the Black community’s cherished cultural practices in New Orleans — a city that is no stranger to loss and grief.

“New Orleans is this very complex combination of suffering and joy. Katrina forced us to think a lot about what it means to heal,” Dr. Denese Shervington says in the film. “I think we’re having a similar experience with COVID and this pandemic. How do individuals come back from extreme loss, loss of family members, loss of what was normal? How do you find your way back?”


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