July 26, 2021

News from Firelight Media: Loira Limbal Granted Sabbatical Leave

Firelight Media is pleased to announce that Loira Limbal, senior vice president for programs, has been approved for a sabbatical leave after 12 years of service. Through this first-time granting of a sabbatical for a Firelight Media staff member, we renew our commitment to our progressive values of artist-led and artist-friendly programs, work-life balance, and leadership development across the organization and across the documentary field more broadly.

Loira’s sabbatical comes after an extraordinary year of leadership in the documentary field, for which she has received richly-deserved recognition. Just in the last year, Loira’s awards and honors include DOC NYC’s Documentary New Leaders Award (2020), a YCBA Honor (2020), a Sundance Institute Momentum Fellowship (2021), and the Chicken & Egg Award (2021) — among others. Additionally, her highly acclaimed and award-winning documentary Through the Night continues to be screened at film festivals worldwide and will make its broadcast premiere on POV on May 10, 2021.

On the institutional side, Loira led Firelight Media’s launch of several new initiatives over the past year — the William Greaves Fund, the Impact Campaign Fund, and the Hindsight documentary shorts initiative, as well as the launch of our Beyond Resilience Series. We hope and expect that Loira will use her leave time to rest, reflect, and recharge, in order to sustain her leadership presence at Firelight Media and beyond for years to come.

Loira’s leave begins today, April 12, 2021 and will continue through September 13, 2021. Throughout this period, Firelight Media’s programs will continue to be co-led by our incredible Artist Programs team, including Monika Navarro, Sahar Driver, Chloë Walters-Wallace, and Ximena Amescua.

Please join us in thanking Loira for her incredible work at Firelight Media and wishing her well during her sabbatical!

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