Firelight Films Production Manager – Full-Time

Job Summary

Firelight Films’s feature- and short-length content production is expanding rapidly and there is a need for production and operational support to maintain growth. As we build out our slate of films and relationships with partners, we are looking for a skilled production manager to manage all aspects of the film production process from project set up to delivery.

Key needs at this stage are: coordinating with producers in pre-production through post-production; setting up individual production workflows and deliverables for Firelight Films projects;  working with APs to ensure on-time deliveries; updating production delivery schedules with partners/clients; assist Finance in development and management of production expenses and cost reports.

The Production Manager will report to the EVP for Content. They will also work closely with the Finance Department, contracted production staff, and the Production Office Manager.

This is an essential position that sees the work of Firelight Films from different angles and is a point of integration of that work.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Create and maintain systems that safeguard and organize Firelight Films’s intellectual property, including digital copies of original interviews, archival materials, and completed films, and a cataloging system that makes them readily accessible;
  • Develop and maintain workflow systems for media management from research through post-production;
  • Develop and maintain production calendar with producers, integrating projected schedules for all projects;
  • Review and monitor production contracts, liaise with appropriate production staff to submit deliverables trigger payments in a timely fashion;
  • Serve as liaison between production teams and the EVP for Content and the President;
  • Manage the set-up of new projects (including work space, equipment, deal memos) and being a general in-house problem solver during “crunch time”; managing closing process for projects, including media management;
  • Manage software and hardware needs of production and editing staff as necessary, including troubleshooting and liaising with external vendors and technical support;
  • Create and maintain a database of crew personnel, including small production companies; independent producers, directors, and associate producers; editors and assistant editors; and archival producers, with an emphasis on identifying BIPOC talent;
  • Liaise with Communications team to compile cleared photos, text descriptions, contact list or interviewees that can made available for publicity and engagement purposes;
  • Process production staff hires, prepares deal memos and handles onboarding;
  • Hire crews, negotiate rates and prepare deal memos;
  • Works with Finance to manage different crew invoices, making sure they’re approved and submitted for payment;
  • Manage online process and project deliverables;
  • Oversee the Producer/AP planning on productions – assist production team in location scouting, staging and props, physical and visual effects, camera, lighting, transportation, cast, crew and union relations, travel, cast and crew accommodation, contracting of legal permissions and agreements, safety and risk management, prep and shooting schedule;
  • Work with archivists to manage stock footage and licensing of third party materials; and
  • If required, handle unanticipated scheduling changes.

Key Characteristics:
  • Has at least 3-5 years of production experience in nonfiction filmmaking
  • Even temperament and easy-going personality
  • Ability to manage multiple projects concurrently
  • Experience working with outside vendors and freelance crews
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Self-starter with excellent follow-through ability
  • Excellent organizational skills; ability to effectively multi-task in a fast-paced, deadline-oriented environment
  • Baseline knowledge of office, accounting, database and editing software and hardware systems

Salary Range:


To Apply:

Please submit a resume and cover letter to with the subject line "APPLICATION – PRODUCTION MANAGER – FIRST NAME LAST NAME".


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