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SHALINI KANTAYYA | Catching the Sun

Shalini Kantayya is the director/producer of Catching The Sun. In a city where oil spills, ecological red-alerts, and poverty are commonplace, Catching the Sun asks the hard questions of how a clean energy economy may actually be built, through the stories of unemployed American workers seeking to retool at a solar power jobs training program in Richmond, California. Catching the Sun tells the story of environmental transformation from the perspective of workers who may build a solution with their own hands, and their successes, failures, and challenges speak to one of the biggest questions of our time: will America actually, in a nuts-and-bolts way, be able to build a clean energy economy? Shalini finished in the top 10 out of 12,000 filmmakers on Fox’s ON THE LOT, a show by Steven Spielberg in search of Hollywood’s next great director. Her sci-fi film about the world water crisis, a DROP of LIFE, won Best Short at Palm Beach International, received a national television broadcast in the US and India, and was used as a tool to organize for water rights in 40 villages across Africa. A William D. Fulbright Scholar, Shalini has received recognition from IFP Spotlight on Documentary, Jerome Hill Centennial, New York Women in Film and Television, and Media Action Network for Asian Americans. She is a Sundance Fellow, a TED Fellow, and was a finalist for the ABC | Disney Directing Program. Her work-in-progress documentary, Catching the Sun, has received support from the Sundance Documentary Program, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and Firelight Producers' Lab.