Rafiah Vitalis is Firelight’s Finance and Operations Manager. Rafiah has decades-long experience as a finance and nonprofit professional, deeply committed to  work  that  creates  transformative  change  in underserved  and  historically  oppressed  communities. This has led Rafiah to a number of community leadership roles and international partnerships serving in the lead role for fiscal management, and streamlining organizational processes and ensuring compliance. In addition, she has also served as a consultant, providing start-ups and small businesses with financial planning, grant management, and organizational strategy and development. She has also served on the boards of the Orisa Community Development Corporation, African American Planning Commission and Empowered Communities Development Corporation. Rafiah’s most recently was designated as an Innovative Cultural Advocacy Fellow at the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute, Inc., and in the past served as faculty at Bronx Community College and the Sadie Nash Leadership Project.  At Firelight, Rafiah is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the financial affairs of the organization including human resources, financial forecasting, resource allocation, fund management, accounting and controls. Rafiah is a native New Yorker and holds a BA in Mathematics and Business Administration, and an MPA in Public Administration.