15 Sundance movies to watch for, from social issue documentaries to ghost stories

Not every movie that screens at the Sundance Film Festival will end up playing at your local multiplex: Distributors “shop” at the festival for movies to buy, and only then do they start making plans for theatrical and streaming release.

That means some of the films they pick up might not arrive in theaters for a year or more — no matter how good they are. (For instance, I first saw The Witch at Sundance in January 2015, but it didn’t make it to cinemas until February 2016.)

But while definitive release dates are still few and far between, the 2017 festival offered plenty to get excited about — whether you like socially conscious dramas, prefer to stick documentaries and biopics, or consider goofy comedies your jam. Here are 15 entries that you can expect to hear about again.


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