Jason DaSilva | When I Walk

RELEASED JUNE 23rd 2014 I 113 MIN

When I Walk was the opening film for POV's 2014 season. When I Walk is a feature-length documentary about how Jason’s world has changed since contracting Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2005 at the age of 26. In this unique documentary, Jason acts as a “tour guide”, exploring the world of MS through his day-to-day experiences. Through interviews, archival photos, sound clips and film/video footage, Jason explores living with a disabling disease, pursing an artistic career, and enjoying a full life. Funding for When I Walk is provided by ITVS, the Center for Asian American Media, and the Producer. The film was also funded by the Sundance Documentary Fund. Jason was also accepted for the first NYC BAVC Producer’s Institute for his new accessibility database called AXSmap. AXSmap is a suite of tools that aims to engage communities to share resources, map accessibility, and build landscapes to accommodate people with disabilities. AXSmap is a website paired with a smart phone application (iPhone and Android) that allows users to locate businesses, transportation, and/or pathways that are accessible to people with limited mobility using an assistive device such as a wheelchair, walker, or a cane. This on-line component to When I Walk was funded by The Cummings Foundation, Google and the Fledgling Fund. AXSmap was inspired by Jason's personal experiences with accessibility. Check out the film website: and AXSmap at