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Isabel Alcantara | The Age of Water

The Age of Water follows the story of a young mother who, while trying to find out why her town’s children are dying of leukemia, inadvertently uncovers the Mexican government’s dark business of water.

Isabel Alcántara (director) is a Mexican documentary filmmaker with a background in photojournalism from the Newhouse School of Public Communications. In 2012, she and her brother co-founded Ponderosa Productions and, together, they’ve produced short-form non-fiction content for various digital platforms including A&E, History Channel and Bon Appétit. She was part of Chicken & Egg Pictures’ inaugural Accelerator Lab, and is currently a BAVC MediaMaker Fellow. She has also produced multimedia content for Paper Magazine, The New York Times, and is a staff writer for the GLAAD Award-winning queer website, Autostraddle.