DINESH SABU | Unbroken Glass

When he was six, filmmaker Dinesh Sabu’s father died after a sudden diagnosis of stomach cancer. One month later, his mother committed suicide, the end of a fifteen-year struggle with schizophrenia. As time passed, his five older siblings and his extended family seemed to have pieced their lives together, rarely talking about these shattering events. Now twenty-years after their deaths, Dinesh sets out on a journey to find out more about his parents’ story. Along the way, Dinesh confronts his own trauma of being orphaned, resurfaced memories of his parents’ volatile relationship, and faces his own risk of mental illness, while breaking the silence about his mother's condition. His desire to revisit the past risks upsetting the carefully maintained balance he and his siblings have constructed over the past twenty years. Is reconstructing the past worth the cost of disrupting the present?